The Lion’s Den prequel #2 – Differences in Journalism

 Peace vs War Journalism

BU sign

The ‘End Racism in Palestine’ protest was deemed a success.  There had been good television and media coverage. BU’s Students for Justice in Palestine congratulated themselves on an excellent rally.  Their goal was to inform as many of the student body as possible about the conflict; to raise awareness. Who could resist a free meal?  Cultural groups on campus had prepared a Jewish Shabbat dinner and Palestinian food and the University had generously offered the Castle, the conference center, to host the dinner. The turnout was great!

Della and her classmate, Darla were in line for the buffet.  The food smelled delicious. A voice behind her sounded familiar, and she turned to see Aaron Giles, Leaders of the SJP, expounding  about the violence, and how the Israelis had bombed a school on the Gaza strip, killing ten Palestinian people.

Della was angered by his bringing up the topic when the whole point of the reception was to share the culture of both groups and promote understanding.

“Then why don’t you start a fundraising effort to bring some relief to the people who were hurt, rather than stand there and stir up more hate with your “war journalism.”  The western press play to the elite and try to attract advertisers by reporting on the  most brutal attacks.  Both sides are equally guilty in this war.”

Aaron’s eyes were locked on Della’s face as she made her case.

“Haven’t you heard about “peace journalism” proposed by Johan Galtung? His  concept includes promoting conflict solution, conflict sensitive journalism, and constructive conflict coverage.  Maybe people would get a less biased view and better grasp of the key issues  if the journalists weren’t trying to stir up hate.”

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The Lion’s Den on How to Celebrate Love

Celebrate Love!  



rose pendant

MMMMmmmmm…….Valentine’s Day.  That special day set aside to celebrate love.  Whether you invite your valentine out for an evening of wining and dining, with soft music and candlelight, or if you decide to go bowling, or have a quiet evening in with a pizza and a good movie, it’s not what you do, but who you do it with that makes it special.  Now if you’re a real romantic, you might want to mark the occasion with some flowers and maybe a little trinket, something that whenever she wears it will always remind her of you.    

While Brad and Della, the  two main characters in The Lion’s Den, my first action/adventure/romance novel due for publication in April 2015, were taking a time out from some trouble that was following them from Della’s involvement in covering the story of the hunt for Osama bin Laden, they spent some time staying at the beautiful Algonquian Hotel near St. Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick, Canada.  Its old world opulence and charm make it the perfect setting for a romantic get away.  If you’re looking for a way to melt your lady’s heart, take a page out of Brad’s book and treat your special someone like the queen of your heart on Valentine’s Day.  

The Lion’s Den

When Brad let himself back into their suite, Della was sitting at a vanity table, putting the finishing touches on her makeup.  Her hair was shiny from her shampoo and it cascaded down over her shoulders in glossy abandon.  The cocktail dress he had bought for her that afternoon fit like a dream, and  the natural shape of her firm breasts  under the flimsy chiffon, was enough to make his mouth water.  She had just rubbed some of her rose scented lotion into her arms and legs, and her skin glowed like polished silk.

Brad stepped to the hall table and took a long velvet box out of their pile of shopping bags.  He walked over to her and sat beside her on the vanity bench seat, slipping his arms around her and watching their reflection in the glass.  He closed his eyes as he drew in the soft scent of the new perfume on her skin, and he knew that he would no longer be able to smell a rose without thinking of her.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear, as her lashes lowered over the passion starting to build in her smoky eyes,” You are the sexiest woman alive.  I want to devour you, but I don’t want to mess you up, since you’re all dressed up for dinner,” he gently nipped her earlobe and she shivered as his magic mouth traced a path along her jawline, and slanted across her lips. He took the cover off the velvet box and drew out a slender gold chain from which hung a perfect crystal rose.  He fastened the clasp around her neck and the pendant rested, sparkling like fire between her breasts.

“Oh Brad, it’s beautiful,” Della breathed, watching the crystal sparkle against her skin.  She saw the emotion in his eyes and  laid her lips on his, soft as a butterfly’s touch and whispered,

“Thank-you, I Iove it.”  He couldn’t wait until she would be ready to say those three little words to him.

Whatever you decide to do for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, remember it’s the sweet gestures and unexpected surprises that show her that you care.  Above all, give her the gift of your time and complete attention.

love, norma

Hope for Wildlife

Hope for wildlife

flying eagle

The Lion’s Den on Hope for Wildlife


In memory of our friend and teacher, October 9th, 2012



Hi friends,

I wanted to share with you some information about a lady and an organization that is very dear to my heart.  Her name is Hope Swiminer, and she is the founder of The Hope for Wildlife Society.

Located in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, Hope for Wildlife has grown from its beginnings in 1995 when Hope, then working as an administrator at the local Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital, rescued a baby robin, caring for it in her own home.  From this small beginning, Hope found her calling in life, to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals.  She went on to study and earned a basic certificate in Wildlife Rehabilitation.  Her first shelter was located at Winnies Way, Seaforth Nova Scotia, opening in 1997, and quickly outgrowing that location, she moved it to a bigger property in Seaforth in 2001, 5909 Highway 207, where the shelter operates today.

With the help of over 100 volunteers, some summer students, and the help of veterinary professionals, Hope now rehabilitates over 2,500 animals a year from all over the province.  Funding comes from donations, as well as corporate and government grants and their own annual fundraisers.  They are presently fundraising to raise $800,000.00 to repair their barn roof, and already have raised over $540,000.00, with another three months left in which to meet their goal.

In addition to working with the animals, Hope is committed to educating children and adults about wildlife, and runs many valuable programs which you can learn more about at their website,  You can also watch Hope and her team in action by tuning in to Animal Planet or Oasis HD channel ( filmed by  Arcadia Entertainment).  It’s some of the most entertaining and informative programming on tv!

I was so impressed by the work that Hope has been doing that I used her wildlife refuge as a model for the shelter I wrote about in my novel The Lions Den, due for publication in April 2015.  In the novel, the main character, Della Rawlins, a photojournalist who has been working in the Middle East, wanting to make some changes in her career, meets up with Environmentalist Brad Jamieson, who introduces her to the world of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation by visiting a shelter in Eastern Canada.  Following are pictures of some of the furry and feathered characters you will meet when the book is released for publication. I hope you will enjoy the story.  I plan to make a donation to Hope’s shelter with proceeds from the sale of the book. More people need to learn about the great work these folks are doing.  Check out their Facebook page, and if you ever visit Nova Scotia, take time out to visit the Hope for Wildlife Refuge in Seaforth.  It’s time well spent.

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Cast of Characters from the “Hope for Life” Wildlife Rescue, The Lions Den, due for publication April, 2015

Baby foxes                                                                       Oscar’s Injured Wing

baby fox

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