The Lion’s Den prequel #2 – Differences in Journalism

 Peace vs War Journalism

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The ‘End Racism in Palestine’ protest was deemed a success.  There had been good television and media coverage. BU’s Students for Justice in Palestine congratulated themselves on an excellent rally.  Their goal was to inform as many of the student body as possible about the conflict; to raise awareness. Who could resist a free meal?  Cultural groups on campus had prepared a Jewish Shabbat dinner and Palestinian food and the University had generously offered the Castle, the conference center, to host the dinner. The turnout was great!

Della and her classmate, Darla were in line for the buffet.  The food smelled delicious. A voice behind her sounded familiar, and she turned to see Aaron Giles, Leaders of the SJP, expounding  about the violence, and how the Israelis had bombed a school on the Gaza strip, killing ten Palestinian people.

Della was angered by his bringing up the topic when the whole point of the reception was to share the culture of both groups and promote understanding.

“Then why don’t you start a fundraising effort to bring some relief to the people who were hurt, rather than stand there and stir up more hate with your “war journalism.”  The western press play to the elite and try to attract advertisers by reporting on the  most brutal attacks.  Both sides are equally guilty in this war.”

Aaron’s eyes were locked on Della’s face as she made her case.

“Haven’t you heard about “peace journalism” proposed by Johan Galtung? His  concept includes promoting conflict solution, conflict sensitive journalism, and constructive conflict coverage.  Maybe people would get a less biased view and better grasp of the key issues  if the journalists weren’t trying to stir up hate.”

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