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hEARTS AND BEARThe second hot excerpt from The lion’s den







Hi again, It’s Teaser Tuesday, time for another sneak peak into The Lion’s Den, my action/adventure/romance novel which is due for publication in April 2015.

 At this point in the story, Della and Brad have met one another near his cabin in the Canadian wilderness.  She is on a photoshoot for National Environmental Magazine while he is taking some time off from his work, running an outdoor outfitting business.  Della is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder having recently been through the ordeal of escaping from Pakistan during the Navy Seal’s mission to hunt down Osama bin Laden, a mission in which her boyfriend had been attacked and taken prisoner, and was possibly killed.  Now back in the Canadian wilderness, an encounter with a mother bear and her cubs forces the two to share personal space, which becomes even more personal as their attraction to one another ignites. Here is another hot excerpt from Chapter six of The Lion’s Den.  

It was mid morning when the mighty fishermen decided that they had caught their limit, and they trudged up towards the cabin with their catch in their net, wrapped in some moss.

Noticing movement out of the corner of her eye, Della turned her head and stopped dead in her tracks, whispering, “Oh look, Brad, they’re bear cubs.”

Sure enough, two small black bears were wrestling and playing with each other in the meadow in front of the tent.  They were close to the Hummer at this point, which was parked just in front of the cabin.

“Careful, now, Della,”   Brad whispered, scanning the woods, “Where there’s cubs, there’s usually mother bears.”  With that, a loud grunting sound came from behind the Hummer.  Momma bear had scented intruders who were threatening her babies and she was not happy.

The seven hundred pound animal reared up on its hind legs, making a guttural bawl, looking ready to charge.

Brad dropped the net with the fishing gear, grabbed Della and shoved her under the truck.

“Roll over to the middle,” he yelled.  Della needed no persuasion.  He wrapped her in his arms and laid on top of her.  The animal was pacing around the perimeter of the vehicle, her huge nose snorting and snuffling, and grunting.  Suddenly a large paw swiped in under the left running board and Della turned her face into Brad’s neck, and started to whimper.  He pulled her closer, and not knowing what else to do to distract her, he started to kiss her.  Her lips parted and his tongue tangled with hers, the kiss going hot and wild.  Her body went molten with sensation and she squirmed closer, fitting her body to his hard contours.  She felt so good in his arms.  Her passion matched his as he nuzzled her neck, blazing a trail down to where the

jacket strained across her breasts.  She caught his earlobe in her teeth, her hot breath playing havoc with his senses.  The bear had lost interest in them by now and had discovered their netted lunch and was happily tucking into the fresh trout.  Oblivious to the danger having passed, the couple strained towards each other.

Suddenly, Brad came to his senses, and regretfully pulled his lips from Della’s.  He peered out from under the Hummer and watched the mother bear lumber over to where the cubs were

licking peanut butter off their paws.  The tent was pretty much a write off, with all of its contents strewn across the meadow.

Della’s hand rested against the pocket of Brad’s pants.  She felt something hard digging into her palm.  “Is that your car keys?’  She whispered.

“Oh yeah,” Brad said pulling them out.  He pressed a button on the remote control and the car alarm blared, startling the mother bear that took one last look at the truck, herded her family in front of her and lumbered off into the woods.  Della closed her eyes and slumped over in relief.  Brad tried to rearrange her clothing, softly apologizing for messing her up.  He was mortified that she would think that he had taken the first opportunity to take advantage of her,

when her defences were down. The truth was, he just couldn’t stop himself.  Della was just glad to be alive, and thought that Brad could have taken her right there on the ground with the mother bear chewing on her head and she wouldn’t even have noticed.


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