The Lion’s Den prequel #3 – The Great Debate

Aaron and Della Start a Debate

boston uAaron regarded the young chit in front of him as one would regard an annoying dog.  He had spent his undergrad  at BostonU building a reputation as an activist and  scholar on  the war in the middle east.  He was regarded by the faculty as a very well informed student who  was well researched and sourced and  on his way to a career as a foreign correspondent with a major newspaper or national television news service.  He wasn’t about to let some underclassman undermine his credibility.

“Well, Miss…….”

“Rawlins, ” Della supplied.

“What would be your views on the peaceful resolution of the war between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the Middle east?”  Aaron asked.

“I think many of the attempts that have been made over the years  could have been successful. President Sadat of Egypt and King Hussein of Jordan made a good stab at trying to attain peace.  Israel was willing to make concessions, as long as their rights and interests were addressed and the climate was right for a peaceful resolution.   Yet when Bill Clinton and the Israelis offered a nominally independant state to Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat, he declined.”

“The Palestine Liberation Organization, was prepared to recognize the State of Israel as long as they removed some of the settlements and retreated from Palestinian territory back to the 1967 borders,”   Aaron countered.

“Yes, but the Israelis believed that the conflict was a result of the Arab attempt to destroy Israel and that only their  military power stood between them and annihilation.”

By now a crowd had gathered around the two, and everyone was fascinated in hearing both sides of the conflict.

Norma             Stay tuned for more from Della and Aaron’s

                                              great debate in the next Lion’s Den prequel coming soon!

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