The Lions Den on Interrogation of Prisoners

Interrogation or Torture?
My book, The Lion’s Den, is set post 911 in circumstances that require the CIA to obtain information regarding the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Is the use of “alternative measures” ever warranted in prisoner interrogation? You decide..
The ready light on the tazer shone red in Sharikh’s eyes as Major Thoms asked, “Why did you ask Della Rawlins to deliver the ransom for Brent Marshall in person?”
“It was ordered by my commanding officer,” he replied.
“And what is his name?” Thoms asked,”Remember, we have had you under surveillance for months now.”
Sharikh’s mind raced to find an answer that would satisfy his tormentor but not give too much information away, “He goes by the name Amir al Mu’minin. I have never met him. I only communicate with him through email.”
“Arrrrr…..wrong answer,” Thoms said, letting the tazer fly. The prisoner
reeled from the electric shock, his body seizing and bucking on the ground.
“Now come on, that was only a little tickle,” Thoms chuckled, teasingly.
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U.S. Senate report condemns CIA harsh interrogations
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein is discussing a report on the CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques at secret overseas facilities after the 9/11 terror…

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