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I’m not sure that schnaffles is even a word, but if it describes being hogtied while a tornado whips around you, for me, that’s what being thrust into the vortex of the social media craze is like.

Being in the “over fifty” age group, I have pretty much been playing catch up with technology since the millennium changed, considering we never even owned a computer until 2001. It was only half way through my career with the bank that we went from a manual posting system to a brand spanking new computerized system. Let me tell you, there was as much squealing and groaning and resistance coming out of the old banking matrons as there is out of a seized brake caliper on a car that hasn’t moved in ten years! Funny how we are all resistant to change, even when we know it’s going to make our work easier, faster, and more efficient.

Since I decided to jump into the book writing and publishing arena, my mentor and publishing guru informs me that I need to have a “social media platform” in place so that people will be able to get to know who I am, and can find out more about my work. “Okay” says I, not knowing a tweet from a hoot, and not having a clue how to blog or how to set up a website. My old friend, Facebook was the only familiar vehicle I recognized on the whole SM parking lot. “Not to worry” says my publishing guru, I can set up all of that for you, no problem!

So now I’m out there on the internet radar. I have not one, but two domain names, both .com and .ca, which is kinda funny, being a non-bilingual Canadian, but having a national and international domain name! I have a Twitter account, a Hootsuite account, a personal Facebook account as well as a professional Facebook account. I am LinkedIn, plugged in and friends with people I don’t even know. The learning curve is like that of a giant geodesic dome covering the northern hemisphere! To say I’m out of my element is rather an understatement. I have faith in my mentor and techno-guru, however, that all will be well and in time, I will be comfortable with it all. And so, I’m taking baby steps, sending out a few tweets, blogging a few blogs which will show up on my website, Authornormacook. com/ca. Now that a web designer guru has whipped up this webpage, then I can truly say, “I have arrived”.

So, friends, if you read some of my posts for the first little while, and it doesn’t sound like me, it’s probably not! (But I’m getting there.)


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