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frazzled at computer I must confess, I was feeling a little abandoned there for the longest time, as I would log into my website and there would be no comments showing on my dashboard.  I thought that nobody was reading my blog, or at least nobody had an opinion to pass on whether what they were reading was of any interest.  I didn’t notice for the longest time that there were over 800 emails in my spam queue, and over 9,ooo in my spam folder!  Not being very WordPress-wise, I decided to investigate who-all was  being sent to my spam folder, and lo and behold, I had fan mail!  To say that I was delighted and humbled is an understatement.  Many of you have asked for contact information to send me e-mails, and I have created a brand new account, to make it easy for you to contact me.  Any comments made on blogposts appear to hit the spam folder on the original email account I had set up for comments , and I will have my IT advisor check into this to be sure that I won’t miss anything in future.

I am developing an email list as well, so if you would like to receive notifications of newly released books or would like to receive my monthly newsletter, please let me know, so that I can add your email address.

For those of you who have complimented me on the design and function of the website, thank-you very much.  My web host is Go Daddy, and the website was created with WordPress.  The theme is Scribble Child, version 1.0.2, by StudioPress, created for the Genesis Framework, and I find it extremely easy to work with.  As I am not very tech-minded, someone else set it up for me, but I was involved in the choosing of the color scheme, and general layout.  The nice thing about WordPress is that you can build on your original design and add widgets according to your needs.  They do regular updates as well so that the site stays up-to-date and even more user friendly.  Adding pictures and video to your pages and posts is easy, and gives your posts a professional look.  SEO features are available to make sure your content is easily found on the web.  WordPress charges about $100 to purchase the Scribble Child Theme.  Widgets are extra.

I also pay for my web hosting as I prefer to own my content, and I pay an annual subscription fee for that.  I hope this answers your questions. If you need any further information, shoot me an email!

The questions that you have raised regarding RSS feeds and subscriptions, I will have to refer to my techno guru, and I will advise in future when this is available. With regards to people having viewing problem, either with pictures loading or text running off the page, I believe this might be either an issue with your computer or with your web browser.  It appears that many more people are having no trouble with the site loading or pictures and video coming up, than are not.  There is a lot of this content on the site, so for an older or slower computer this might cause problems.  Sorry about that!  Don’t forget to dump your cache and browsing history!

I will get around to responding to your emails and comments. For future contacts, please indicate which post you are commenting on, as they are all coming up under the Christmas Shopping one, and I know from your comments  that that is not necessarily the one you were commenting on.  I will also consult with my WordPress gurus to see if there is a fix for this.

Thank-you so much for taking the time to comment, or try to get in touch with me.  Hopefully you will keep coming back so that I can keep you up to date on what is going on in my crazy life and my life as an author, which is no less crazy!  I would be happy to respond if you have any subject that is of particular interest to you, that I may have a gem of knowledge about.  Please email me with any suggestions!

Don’t forget to look up my book, The Lion’s Den  at or, Barnes and Noble, or wherever you buy your ebooks.  Anybody with an interest in the politics of the Middle East, action and adventure or romance literature will find it up their alley!  You can read a synopsis under The Lion’s Den on the homepage.  More books are coming soon.  I am contributing to a boxed set of christmas stories from a group of local romance writers from Newfoundland.  I will provide further details as they become available.  My novella is entitled Christmas Wishes.  The next book in the Jamieson Brother series, Behind the Firewall will likely be ready for publication sometime after Christmas.  This is the sequel to The Lion’s Den, dealing with Brad’s younger brother, Ryan and his confrontation with a dangerous aristocrat who would use his own daughter to cover up his illicit dealings.  The story deals with money laundering, terrorist networking and internet security. The setting is beautiful Majorca, an island off the coast of Spain well known as the rich man’s playground.

Lots more blog to come!  I have to start writing my husband’s stories about a former co-worker, son of his former boss.  The telling and re-telling of these stories over the years has caused many knots in stomachs, aching cheeks and loss of bladder control from uncontrollable laughter.  As our future son-in-law claims, “You just can’t write this shit.”  It’s true what they say, Truth is stranger than fiction!


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