Prequel #7 – Rawlins, Giles, and Aerosmith

Aerosmith at BU

aerosmithThe University had been abuzz for weeks. The band Aerosmith was home from a cross country tour and had agreed, for old times sake, to do a concert for Boston University.

Two young hotshots had met one day in the Massachusetts resort town of Sunapee, when Steven Tallarico (later Tyler)  dropped into The Anchorage ice cream and snack shop for a plate of fries.  Wanting to meet the guy who served up the best french fries he had ever eaten, Tyler was introduced to a dude with  horn-rim glasses and black hair half way down his back. The then-seventeen year old Joe Perry, was impressed by Tyler’s cocky “rock star” swagger. It wasn’t long before they embarked on a friendship that would culiminate into arguably the best hard rock band in America. With the addition of Perry’s friend, bassist Tom Hamilton, and two former band mates of Tyler’s, drummer Joey Kramer and guitarist Ramond Tabano, Aerosmith was born.

Now after thirty years of touring, whoring and a wild ride of music, drugs and rock and roll, they were finished paying their dues and now played to sold out crowds of twenty thousand or more. Steven had done a stint on the hit reality TV show American Idol as a judge, but was back full time now with the band and life was good.

Remembering their roots, when they had played high school dances and frat parties for $125 a night, they were coming back to Boston and to BU to say thanks to the alumni who had been their first fans back in the day and to the new generation who was only now discovering Aerosmith for the first time.

Della and Aaron were planning to be there front row center.  It was an event not to be missed!

aerosmith 2                                                       aerosmith 1


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