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Dear friends,

I am selling pens as a way to raise money for the Fruit for all Initiative, and other programs undertaken by the Martin pur Christian Mission in Lahore, Pakistan.

The mission statement of this organization is to uplift the lives of the community through self-reliant and independent means.

As a writer of political drama/fiction, romance novels I have made many friends from Pakistan through social media since my first book, The Lion’s Den came out.  I guess that because the book deals with the political climate in the Middle East and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, people from there have a certain curiosity about a middle aged housewife from an island off the coast of Canada writing about their culture and conflicts.

The people who I have met and interacted with have been gracious and respectful.  It has been very eye-opening to hear about their daily lives and the challenges they face living and working, and raising their families in Pakistan.  It is unimaginable to us, as Canadians, to realize the abject poverty in which the majority of these people live.  Yes, you might think, we have our own poor people who our tax dollars support right here in our own country. In addition to that, we support our local food banks and the single parent associations and when any child is in need of health care or medical intervention which is not covered by our national Medicare program, our communities hold fundraisers and sell tickets and do everything we can to help.  Unfortunately, in countries, such as Pakistan, the poor are many and their access to any kind of help is very limited.

Poor people in Pakistan have never experienced a full stomach, have never worn decent clothing or shoes, and have never seen the inside of a doctor’s office.  Many have never even owned or used a toothbrush.  Their children don’t have toys, books and electronic games that most children in the western world take for granted.  Many of them, especially the girls, have never even had the opportunity to go to school.  It is heartbreaking to think that their lives are a day-to-day struggle and the outlook on living a productive, self-sufficient life is seemingly unattainable.

The Young Martin Welfare Organization was established to support and uplift Lahore’s impoverished and needy families.  In a community where people predominantly follow the Islamic religion, the mission introduces people to the Christian ideals of faith, hope and charity through the teachings of Jesus Christ.  The mission does its work hands-on within the community, through a group of dedicated volunteers ministering to families, gathering children together in Sunday school groups and celebrating  the seasons of Christmas and Easter together as a community.

This past summer, one of the directors of Martin pur, Amir Javed, initiated a program called Fruit for All, with the goal of supplying the people of the community with fruit tree seedlings, which  started with the planting of a fruit tree nursery.  Seedlings of a native species, the Guava fruit, were harvested and planted in a community plot, and were tended and raised by volunteers and families.  As the plants matured and could be transplanted, families  received their own seedlings to establish their own fruit gardens on their own properties, thus creating a sustainable source of fruits  for their families for years to come, at no cost. The growth of the seedlings is monitored by volunteers, to ensure the success of the program. As time goes on, it is hoped that more species of fruit plants can be added to the home gardens.

Presently, research is being done into the best methods and practices to be utilised to ensure the success of this undertaking.  Educational support from the local agricultural colleges and guidance from the Feed the World Organization, as well as other international sustainability programs is being sought.  Any input is welcome, as are donations for the procurement of tools and equipment.

The importance of availability to fresh fruits and vegetables to the nutritional well being of this community cannot be overemphasized.  The cost of buying fresh fruit is out of reach for most of the people living here, the poverty level is so extreme.  Being able to improve the health and well being of all members of this community through their participation in this program will be a Godsend.

Amir’s mission for his community is to create self reliance in all facets of community life. His vision is to work hands-on with every person who participates in the project. “We will start with our unique, small-scale agriculture model. This will provide a means of full nutrition, which supports and sustains healthy life. We have a simple goal – to teach families, communities, and villages how to thrive on their own. After they have been taught the skills necessary, they can duplicate those skills and pay forward the method. Our model eliminates dependence by helping families reach the goal of true self reliance that is sustainable.”


Would you like to be part of this community’s transformation?  Consider buying a pen to support the Young Martin Mission.  The cost is only $5 and ALL of the funds, apart from the cost of postage will go to support the mission.  Thank-you for your consideration.  Please leave a comment below with your email address and I will be in touch with payment information.




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