Only the Lonely – The Empty nest

Only the Lonely 

empty nest







Empty nest

You know that song, “Only the Lonely”, well it’s how I’m feeling these days.  I had heard about the empty nest syndrome, but didn’t realize how devastatingly lonely it would feel when our children, our pets, and our elders one by one left the nest.  I have never, up to this point, felt myself aging.  Our daughter is twenty-six, our Westie was with us for thirteen of those years, and the grandmother would be ninety one in her birthday.  Time, they say, is only a human construct, yet we count our lifetime down in years, months, weeks and days.  It’s only a flash in the pan.  Better make the most out of life, make your mark on this earth while you can.  Don’t think you’ll always have time.

Heather leaves for New York on Sunday.  Fly little bird.  Have a great life!


Only the Lonely

Only one wife, only one husband

Only one grandparent lives with us, now

We had only one child, who has

Only one aunt and only one uncle

Because daddy is an only child.

The child was lonely being only

So we got only one dog

But he would only sleep in our room

So we got only one bunny for the daughter to snuggle

When she felt lonely for being only.

The years passed and friends

Came and  went and nobody saw us get older

Only the mirror in the hall.

Only one day the grandmother wasn’t there any more

The dog passed away only yesterday

The bunny only stays in his cage, now

The child found her one and only

She wanted only to be with him

Only New York would do.

Now there are only two of us

It’s very quiet here

Only the clock and me


Only two months left until my first novel, The Lion’s Den comes out.  I’m hoping that the writing will save me from the desolation of the empty nest and give me purpose in my golden years.

The best part is, I can invite all of you to come with me.  None of us need to be lonely.

love, norma









  1. Beautiful! 🙂

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