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Lions Den CoverOkay people,

I know how hard it is to sit down and think up something to say about a book, even if you really enjoyed it!  The hard part about it is, as authors,  we depend upon our audience to recommend our books in order to move up in the rankings on Amazon and Goodreads, etc. where other readers are browsing millions of titles to choose which book they are going to read next.  Unfortunately, if your book isn’t being talked about, even though it might be the next great thing, it will probably moulder on the shelves, waiting to be read.

That being said, to make it easier for you to participate in this very worthwhile activity, I will put forward the following suggestions about what you might like to use as a review for The Lion’s Den.   Please don’t think I’m full of myself!  These are comments that have been made to me by readers, and I am so grateful and humbled to receive such great feedback.  I appreciate each one of you who have picked up or downloaded the book to read.  I really look forward to seeing lots of four or five star ratings on Amazon.  Please be honest.  If you didn’t like the book or feel that the writing is below par, that’s okay too.  All comments are welcome, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as long as you are being honest and giving your true opinion.

Thank-you in advance for your support!

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Suggested posts:

The Lion’s Den is politically driven, centered on the hunt for Osama bin Laden.  Fast paced and engaging, it follows one woman’s journey from the desert of Pakistan, to the wilderness of eastern Canada, to the playground of Majorca Spain, as she tries to free herself from haunted memories of the past. It’s a great read, packed with action, adventure and a generous helping of romance!  Both men and women will enjoy the story.”

“Great read!  Couldn’t put it down.  Waiting with great anticipation for the next book in the series to come out.”

“Carving out a new niche in contemporary romance and political drama, the author draws you into the world of Middle East conflict and covert operations that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Not for the weak of heart with descriptions of torture and violence, but tempered with romantic scenes between the main characters.  Loved it, as did my husband!”

The Lion’s Den is not your everyday romance novel. Packed with action and adventure, it gives you believable characters dealing with true-to-life situations.  I learned a lot about foreign politics, as well as wildlife conservation by reading this book.  I highly recommend giving it a read.”

The Lion’s Den gave me great insight in the struggle going on in the Middle East.  The author provides even more background information in the form of prequel postings on her website  If you’re looking for an exciting read, with lots of action and a spicy mix of romance and political intrigue, this is definitely a book for you.”

“Loved The Lion’s Den.  The author writes a great love scene!  Definitely would date Brad if things don’t work out between him and Della! Great read!”

“Loved the descriptions of people and places.  the author draws you in and gets you totally immersed in their world.  Couldn’t put it down!”

“I had to put the book away after reading the first two chapters because I had to study for exams and I was finding it really hard to put down!  Dying to get back to it!  Bravo, Norma Cook!”

“Well thought out plot, dealing with a political arena we are familiar with, but giving a deeper understanding of the history and background of the antagonistic forces.  I enjoyed following the developing relationship between the protagonists and found the story came to a satisfying conclusion.  Altogether a good read, packed with information.”

“Great effort from first-time author Norma Cook.  Hope to see more from this gifted author.  Enjoyed The Lion’s Den from cover to cover, also the bonus prequels and other great material on the author’s website”  

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