Getting Through the Hungry Month of March

Just Get Through It.

Hi Friends,writers cave

Just a shout out from the writing cave, where I have been hibernating for the past two weeks.  One must write when the inspiration flows! I met with my “Romancing the Rock” writers group last Sunday.  Nothing makes you get off your arse like talking to an author who has seventy-plus books in print!

 It seems that March is the one month in the year that has to be “gotten through.”  From the business perspective, you are trying to stretch those “ends” like a too-small pair of pantyhose, trying to get them to meet.  In our biz, customers want sixty days to pay, while suppliers want to be paid in thirty.  Coming out of the short month of December where you lose so many production days makes your February remittances lean, while your expenses are as big as dogs.  What do you do? You just have to get through it.

My mom has been needing back surgery since December.  After her third trip to Emergency, where all the staff would do was give her a shot of Morphine for the pain and send her home, I finally had to get an ambulance and take her in again because she had deteriorated to the point she couldn’t walk and the pills were not cutting the pain.  They admitted her on December 27th, and kept her medicated to try to reduce the inflammation in her spine.  After six weeks of that, with little easing of the pain, they sent her home with five hours of home care a day, and no booked date for her surgery.  It is unimaginable cruelty to send someone home to suffer in agony with pain that is so intense that she sobs and talks about taking her own life. I have phoned the surgeon’s office three times, each time becoming more desperate, until finally, they have her booked for April tenth.  Two and a half weeks away.  The only thing I can hope is for her to just get through it.

Oh the weather!  March is the time in Newfoundland that you might get a few days of nice weather, and you think, “Maybe we’ll have an early spring this year.” Then old man winter drops a snow bomb on us and we get a two day blizzard, dropping 48 centimeters of snow. “Oh, that’s just Sheila’s brush,” you think until the next day you get another 10 centimeters, with more coming for the weekend. People are opening their front doors to a wall of  the white stuff, and having to get out a window to shovel themselves out.  Your car is buried up to the roof and  trying to get around town is ridiculous.  The calendar is saying the first day of spring was last Friday, and we’re locked in the deep freeze. What do you do? If you don’t have the cash to fly south, you just have to get through it.

My book, The Lion’s Den is due to launch the end of April.  I am so excited.  I got the cover design proof the other day, and it is stunning!  Both of my publishing/advertising  mentors took off on holidays, just at the time when we are going through the editing/formatting/printing process, and I am biting my nails on getting the marketing machine fired up, or else be prepared to lose my shirt!  Being my first book, the wheels seem to be rolling….ever….so….slowly….right….now, but what can you do? You just have to get through it.

Wherever you are, I hope that you are “getting through it” too, and by the time Easter rolls around April 5th, we will all be able to think about bunnies, chicks and sunshine and the renewal of life.  Until then, stay warm, stay positive, and just get through it!


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