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This summer the Martin pur Mission in Lahore, Pakistan, instituted a program named Fruit for All, whereby Guava fruit plants were cultivated, and distributed to families, so that everyone who could not afford to buy fresh fruit would be able to plant a seedling on their own property and grow their own Guava fruit.  The progress of the growing plants is monitored by advisors from Fruit for All  program.  Their hope is that families will work together to tend their plants, and in time will be able to sustain their own small orchard as more fruit seedlings are added to their gardens. Mango and orange plants also grow wild in Pakistan, and are a few of the species that can be harvested, raised in a nursery, and distributed once the seedlings are big enough.

The children of this community are pitifully poor.  They need clothes, shoes, and so much more to just bring them up to a reasonable standard of living.  I recently sent a package of school supplies for 100 children by mail to Martin pur.  The parcel, cost me $184 CAD to send and will take 2 months to get there.  They will most likely have to pay an import or custom fee when it gets there. As with any service run by the government there, it comes attached with  unreasonably high fees.  Just to get a customs-exempt letter for the mission costs over $200.

The sensible thing to do is to send a donation.

If you would like to help by making a donation, please contact me at  Any funds  donated to this charity has always gone 100% to the children and their families, unlike other organizations whereby most of the funds go to “administrative costs”.

If you have any suggestions on other ways to help these people,  please get in touch with me.

Helping people in need around the world is the first step towards peace.

Thanks for reading!

love, norma




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