Ear candling – What’s lurking in your body’s orifices?

Trolling for gold, ear candling!

ear candling 5My sister came to visit unexpectedly one evening.  As I ushered her into the family room, she was met with the sight of my husband lying down on his side on the couch with  a long lit candle sticking out of his ear.  Our daughter, Heather, was presiding over what looked to be some sort of ancient witchcraft.  She had her father’s head swathed in tinfoil and a bowl of water at the ready.

“What the hell?” my sister exclaimed disbelievingly, “Did I miss his birthday, or something, and don’t you usually put the candle on a cake?”

“Very funny,” was the comment that emanated from under the tin foil.

“We’re learning about alternative traditional methods in my Esthetics course,” Heather explained, “We’ve done sugaring and threading for hair removal, and now we’re learning candling to remove ear wax.”

“Aren’t you afraid that you’re going to get burnt?” my sister asked Paul.

“No, I trust her,” he bravely said, although we could both see the fear in his eyes as the charred end of the  tube burned down within inches of his ear.

“How is it supposed to work?” My sister asked, horrified,  yet intrigued by the spectacle.

“Well, the heat from the candle is supposed to create a vacuum inside your ear canal, and it draws out all of the old impacted wax and gunk.  It collects inside the tube, just watch!”

She expertly plucked the burning bit of candle that was left sticking out of Paul’s ear  with a pair of forceps, and threw it in the bowl of water.  She then unrolled what was left of it to reveal a cylinder of hard yellow waxy material about an inch long.

ear candling 3“See? That’s probably been growing in there for years.  I’ve seen you poking  your ears with Q tips, which you shouldn’t do because it just pushes the wax in farther and packs it in harder.”  Heather said, passing around the charred bit of unrolled muslin, with the offending evidence, for all to see.

“Wow, that’s amazing!” We all agreed.

“How did it feel?” my sister asked my husband.

“Well, it’s a little weird.  You can feel the heat of the candle burning, and it crackles as it gets closer to your head,” he replied, rolling to his other side on the couch,”Hey, I think I can hear better now. I’m ready to do the other side.”

“Yeah, and there’s no danger of catching your hair on fire, because I cover it with the tin foil,”  Heather said, unrolling and tearing off a length of the aluminum foil and carefully covering what was left of her father’s balding head before poking another waxed tube in his other ear.

“People who suffer from chronic ear infections can have this done every couple of months.  It drys out the ears, too and discourages bacteria from growing in there.”

“Okay, I’m sold, sign me up,” my sister said, “Even though it is kind of embarrassing.”

“Hey, it’s no more embarrassing than the time when dad dropped me off to Dr. Smith’s to have my ears syringed when I was ten,” Paul said,”The doctor told me to hold the basin under my other ear, while he worked on the one that was plugged up.  When he was all finished, he grinned at me and took the basin, and said I was all set to go.  When I went out to the car and dad asked me how I made out, I told him about holding the basin under my other ear. I couldn’t figure out why he thought it was so funny.”


ear candles 6

ear candling


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Just a note:There is some controversy among medical professionals on whether or not ear candling is actually  effective in removing ear wax, even though some people who have had chronic ear infections, and have found some relief through ear candling would disagree.  We all ended up getting our ears candled and suffered no ill effects.  Whether or not it was ear wax or just melted wax off the ear candle that was left in the end of the tube, who knows, but I swear to God I could hear better after!  Give it a try, but go to a professional.

You have nothing to lose (but your hair!)

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